Recognized Auction House Registry has been registered in the register of Registry Veilinghouders of the Federation TMV since 2011, the quality mark that stands for knowledge, quality and reliability.
Wierd Meijering, founder and owner of Auto Auction Netherlands, is like several colleagues not only recognized registry Appraiser (SKO certified under no: 30047 and enrolled at Stichting VRT under no: 09-294 m), but also recognized registry auctioneer (SKO certified under no: 032540). This indicates that AutoVeiling Nederland meets strict quality standards and works according to the standards and values of the Federation TMV, VRT and Hobéon SKO Foundation.
For over 50 years the Federation TMV only accepts people who are qualified. Since 2002 a double certification requirement has been added to ensure reliability. This personal certification and professional competence is independent and in line with current requirements by Hobéon SKO. Hobéon SKO is acknowledged by the Ministry of Social Affairs and employment and is designated as a certifying party for the certification scheme of non-destructive Researchers, accredited by the Accreditation Council (RvA) according to the ISO 17024: 2003 standard for double certification. For both the certified and customers it signifies that the principal or professional association of Hobéon SKO is objective, independent, and inspects and tests objectively and independently.

Register Veilinghoudersbedrijf is the quality mark of a reliable auction house, because an Auction house is only allowed to project itself as reliable when a number of obligations are met. A recognized registered Auction house minimally meets the following obligations:

  • having a third party funds Foundation account, on which the buyers do their payments
  • being insured for the liability and risks to her entrusted matters as theft, fire, etc. 
  • the written fixing of the agreements are made with the consignor and buyer, with respect to the      services and associated rates.
  • handling of clear terms and conditions.
  • the timely provision of the necessary information about the operating rules of the auction house.
  • to communicate in a clear and transparent way about the transactions made at the end of the auction.
  • administering transactions in an unambiguous and clear manner.
  •  payments dealt with within set time limits.

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